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Update to Reseller Tools

Posted by HNG Admin on 10/22/2017 to Announcements
We have been busy this weekend working on upcoming changes to our Reselller Tools page.

Today we updated the Reseller Product Download Files section to make it easier to find the file you are looking for.

Today added a new downloadable file for Free Shipping items that contains only what you need to just update your inventory; SKU, Product Name, Stock.

This week we added a section for the currently Monthly Deal for resellers only!

This week we added a section to display all daily deals and the group deal. Users do not see all deals on the daily deals page however if they should happen upon the third and fourth they can purchase for that price. Third and fourth deals are not advertised to any group other than Resellers. Group deals change every 3 days and is available to all users. This section just nicely brings those all together for Resellers.

Inventory will now be guaranteed updated at least once daily but our aim is twice a day minimum (typically at approximately 6:30PM and 6:30AM CST) and we are working hard on a new means of syncing with the warehouse more frequently.

Category Reorganization

Posted by HNG Admin on 6/17/2017 to Announcements
We are pleased to announce that we have reorganized our categories for all customer levels so that you can find what you are searching for and while allowing us to adjust the size of the categories list to better fit our new site design.

We hope this has not caused any inconvenience to our existing customers and look forward to more upcoming changes you will enjoy.

2016 Holiday Shipping Schedule

Posted by HNG Admin on 12/18/2016 to Announcements

Discontinued Line of Products - Himalayan Salts

Posted by Sammi on 1/2/2016 to Announcements
We apologize for any inconvenience however we have decided to no longer continue to carry the products along the lines of Himalayan Salts that have the SKUs that begin with DL. We will be looking to add new products similar in nature but via a new supplier.

Price Increases effective June 27, 2015

Posted by Administrator on 6/27/2015 to Announcements
Unfortunately due to supplier price increases we will be forced to also increase our prices. The supplier estimates the increase will average five percent across the board. Product price increases may or may not increase by up to five (5) percent on our site effective June 27th.