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Discontinued Line of Products - Himalayan Salts

Posted by Sammi on 1/2/2016 to Announcements
We apologize for any inconvenience however we have decided to no longer continue to carry the products along the lines of Himalayan Salts that have the SKUs that begin with DL. We will be looking to add new products similar in nature but via a new supplier.

Effective January 2, 2016 we are discontinuing the following:

DL1005 Himalayan Salt Table Lamp 22-28 Lbs
DL1301 Himalayan Salt Round Basket Lamp
DL1301B Himalayan Salt Tall Basket Lamp
DL1326 Himalayan Salt Hand Carved Bowl Lamp
DL3001 Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Medium
DL3002 Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Large
DL3023 Cylinder Shaped Himalayan Salt Candle Holder
DL5066 Neti Pot Sinus Washer With Himalayan Salt
DL5206 Himalayan Bath Salts In Jar Unscented
DL5301 Himalayan Salt Plastic Shaker Fine
DL5301A Himalayan Salt Glass Jar Fine
DL5302 Himalayan Salt Shaker Jar Coarse
DL5303 Himalayan Salt Glass Grinder
DL5305 Himalayan Unprocessed Cooking Salt Coarse
DL5309 Himalayan Unprocessed Cooking Salt Fine
DL5310 Himalayan Unprocessed Cooking Salt Coarse
DL5311 Grater With Himalayan Salt Chunks
DL5326 Garlic Pink Salt Grinder
DL5327 Onion Pink Salt Grinder
DL5335 Himalyan Salt Chunks In Bag
DL5405 Edible Fine Himalayan Salt 2 Lb Bag
DL5408 Edible Fine Himalayan Salt 5 Lb Bag
DL5611 Round Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile Or Serve Tray
DL5613 Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile Or Serve Tray

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