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Reseller Tools Update - Janauary 2018

Posted by HNG Admin on 1/9/2018
The month of January 2018 is going to bring some changes to the Reseller Tools that we hope our Reseller members will enjoy.

To get us started we removed the "Group Deals" template and added a "Monthly Deal" which will be posted within the first few days of the month and run approximately 30 days.

We have added a couple of new fields to two of our csv files. Please visit Reseller Tools page for more details.

We will be adding a new supplier's items that consist a lot of cast iron decor and household items.

We will be adding a field to help identify which warehouse products will ship from to assist with estimating shipping costs.

We recently added an option for orders under $30.00 to ship for only 7.95 for Reseller Members. Looking at ways to reduce shipping costs for ourselves that can flow through to Resellers and customers.

During January expansion of the quantity discount that will help reduce costs for Resellers when purchasing in larger quantities. You can find this on a few hundred of the products now but our goal is to expand to nearly all products by the month's end.

We look forward to another year of working with you and please remember you can contact us with ideas, requests or assistance anytime. Contact Us

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